Friday, March 14, 2008

Easter Bunny

I made this bunny as an Easter present for a little girl that I know. The tutorial can be found on Betz White. I make it out of cream velvet. I thought the velvet would be so soft and I was right. However, velvet is a huge pain in the butt to work with, it frays, it shifts when sewing, the seams come apart. I had to pin the fabric then baste the pieces together and then sew it up. Then I realized I forgot the ears, so I ripped apart part of the head and put the ears in and resewed it up. Then I started to stuff the bunny when I realized the front foot seam had frayed loose. I was ready to scream (I think that maybe I actually did scream!) I sewed the front foot up again, and now I can see from the photo on the left; the hind foot has a loose seam too. To bad, I already gave it to the little girl. Her mom can try and fix it. *grin*
Below is one I made out of wool for my daughter for Easter. The velvet is going back in my stash until I decided to use it for another project - which will probably be when I forget how much I hated working with it on this one - lol. I like the wool one much better. The tail is a felted Ball that I made. Look on Betz Whites blog (link is above) and she has a link to Martha Stewart on how to make felted balls. It's pretty darn easy!

This bunny is for my son, I think he secretly wants a bunny but he does not want it to be "cutesy". I stuffed it too full of pellets. I will have to let some out so it will sit correctly. This bunny is made of pink and navy wool. It's my own pattern, if I ever make another one I have some ideas to make it look better and easier to sew. His tail is also a felted ball.

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Melissa Goodsell said...

oh these Easter bunnies are sooo adorable! Love them.