Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Birthday To Meeee....

Ok - it was MY birthday and I ended up making my own Birthday cake because if I leave it up to my husband he will go get an ice cream cake and I dont like those. The cake sank in the middle and in spite of my awful cake decorating skills the cake itself was delicious. I also ordered some really cute Japanese print fabric from TheHeyDayShop on Etsy. The fabric arrived on my birthday - Yippee! I had a coupon code for free shipping. You can find the code HERE at One Crafty Mumma - just scroll down. The code is good for the month of April. I found the shipping to be fast and the fabric too cute for words. One interesting thing: Its Japanese fabric but the post mark was from China - lol. I have no idea what I am going to make with the fabric - I guess for now I will just find my happiness in the ownership ha ha. I also signed myself up for a crochet class and husband got me a Motorola Cliq phone - so it was a good birthday.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Small Needle Felting Project

I made this little Tissure holder today, mainly because I wanted to try my hand at needle felting. This is the first time I have ever needle felted and I think it came out pretty good even though I can see some spots where the wool is not completely felted in. I think with practice I will get much better at this - I'm definitely hooked on it!
I found the instructions for the tissue holder HERE. The background is cream wool and I used some roving and some felted wool for the needlefelting. I'm planning on making more to give as presents