Monday, March 1, 2010

Fabric Pinwheels

My big bare teal wall in my guest room finally has something on it! I found a free pattern/instructions HERE and made them today. The hardest part of making them was deciding what fabric combo to use. Instead of glueing down the corners to the center I punched a hole in the corners that would be glued down and I punched a hole in the center of the pinwheel and then I put a brad through all the layers of the corners that get turned in to the center and then but that same brad through the hole in the center of the pinwheel. Once I find some cool buttons I will hot glue them over the brad in the center. To attach the pinwheels to the wall, I took clear push pins and put them under each folded sections of the pinwheel and stuck it to the wall. Clear as mud? The largest pinwheel is 18 inches, the next size down is 12 inches the two bottom ones are 9 inches and the smallest is 6 inches.

I also made the throw pillows on the bed - but not today, I'm fast but not THAT fast! lol

I Spy With My Little Eye...

A tutorial! I found a tutorial to make I Spy bags at "Craftiness is Not Optional" . I have made two so far and they are very easy to make. I would suggest looking at places like Oriental Trading Company for the little goodies to put in the bags. I used left over toys from around the house and a few things I found at Hobby Lobby and Big Lots.

My machine had a hard time sewing the vinyl and the fleece until I figured out that when sewing with the vinyl facing up was making it stick to the sewing foot. So i sewed the 2nd one with the vinyl down and the fleece facing up and it sewed like a dream. Click HERE to go to her blog.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Meet Helga

Helga - she enjoys Monster Truck Rallys and home improvement shows. Don't let her physique fool you, she is all woman and if you doubt it she will wrestle you to the ground and give you a wedgie.