Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I knitted a HAT!

Yes it has mistakes, but I completed it and it is wearable. I'm happy with it.

Is that snow I see??

We have been getting horrible thunderstorms and tornado warnings here lately. It hailed so hard last Thursday that it looked like it snowed. The hail beat up the trees and all my flowers. We went out of town over the weekend and a friend told me it hailed just about everyday while we were gone. I like the cool weather and cloudy days but I can do without the storms.

Mini Vacation in Mesa Verde, Colorado

The photo on the top was taken from the Cliff Palace side of the gorge. There was no way to get down to that one as far as i could see. The photo on the bottom is the Cliff Palace. We had to go down a narrow trail and many steps to get to it and then we had to climb out by way of a huge ladder. I was gasping for air and we all had to sit for a few minutes once we reached the top.