Thursday, March 20, 2008


Amanda from Inkspirations left this tag on her blog and I decided to play along!
3 things that....
Fascinate me:
How women in other countries decorate their homes
Spiders (they are scary but fascinating)
Listening to my kids play when they think I am not listening!
Inspire me:
Other blogs
My friends
My family
Anger me:
Illegal Immigration
Child or Animal abuse
Rude people
Delight Me:
A clean house
A great hair cut
When my kids tell me they love me
Frighten me:
The rising prices of food and gas
Going down in a dark basement with no lights on
Relax me:
Reading a good book while soaking in a hot bath
Stamping and scrapbooking
Going for a walk
If you read this've been tagged!!!If you post your own leave me a comment and i'll stop by and take a look!!

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