Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Salvation Army Hutch

I got this hutch for $47.00 at our local Salvation Army.  I got lucky and caught it at a 50% sale. In it's original state it was not bad but just looked somewhat outdated.  I sanded it down and primed it and then painted it a very pale turquoise blue and then put a Burnt Sienna glaze over it. I did not put the glaze on the inside because I wanted the inside to be darker. I also painted the original knobs and pulls and put the glaze on them as well. The glaze does not look orange in real life like it does in the photo. I think it turned out awesome - espeically for a first time project. It replaced  the generic hutch that I bought at a thrift store when we got married 17 years ago. That hutch is currently being painted pale pink and will replace the ugly Oak Express shelves currently in my daughter's room. That project was a little more labor intensive because I had to do some things to make it look like it belongs in a girls room and not in a dining room.  It's almost done and I will be posting photos soon.