Saturday, September 4, 2010

Stalking Good Will

Lately I have become a fan of all the blogs out there that take a used piece of furniture and paint it and turn it into something new and fantastic. They have inspired me to do a fiew pieces myself. I started with my daughters head board and dresser then on to a shelf for the kitchen. About a month ago I found this china cabinet at Salvation Army for $95.00. Well, I'm cheap {frugal} and I didn't want to pay that much. I got on the good side of one of the sales people there and she clued me in about when the next 50% off sale would be - I got there right as they opened that day and whoopeee the china cabinet was still there and I got it for $47.50. It's worth that. So the drawers are sanded and primed and now I need to decide what color to paint it. Twice Lovely just posted a hutch that they painted Celery by Krylon and then rubbed a glaze over. I love it and I am doing that to my China Cabinet only using Wythe Blue at Benjamin Moore. Its really not as dark as it appears on their website. I'm just not sure if I am adding too much color to my house but it really needs to be jazzed up its getting boring to old lady looking.
Wish me luck on getting it all done this weekend! Oh, and it's solid wood and made of cherry {I think} and very heavy. My dad will have a cow when he hears that I painted cherry wood instead of just staining it. Yep - I'm living dangerously!

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