Saturday, August 14, 2010

Furniture Projects

Our church had a "Really Really Free Garage Sale" today and they had so much cool stuff. I got this love seat for FREE! There was a matching one but someone else snagged it before I could so I made sure to get this one. I plan on painting it either white, black, Celery green or a light teal, I have not decided yet and I will also cover the custions with a much more modern fabric with celery green, tan and a teal print. I want to try and sell it but I know I'm gonna want to keep it for myself. I do not need more furniture in this house!
And about a month ago I bought this oak shelf at good will - $14 bucks plus $10 in spray paint = a much needed shelf for my kitchen. While painting this I did figure out why I never see painted oak pieces - oak is a real pain to paint and seemed to just soak up the paint even with primer on it. Its not the best painting job but it came out ok.

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