Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Floor Pillow

I found a tutorial to make these floor pillows HERE at Living With Punks. Since this was a trial run I just used some sheets I found at Salvation Army. I made two and my kids love them. I think they need to be stuffed a little tighter and they look lumpy but I think that is because the material I used is thin. Probably if I used decorator fabric the lumps from the stuffing would not show up as much. The 4 year old girl that I watch everyday wants me to make her a skirt out of the striped material. The stripes are totally her and I will post a photo when I get it done. :)

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Aunt LoLo said...

Your pillow turned out totally cute!!

When you do get to go shopping at IKEA, watch for sales. In Connecticut, our IKEA had sales every year in May - one entire line of fabric would be put on sale for $1 a yard! Maybe $2 a yard. Still, it was $6-$9 fabric. Two years ago, it was a cotton line that I used to make curtains for my entire house. Last year, it was this canvas that I used for my pouf. Thinking I was going to take the plunge and sell aprons at a local craft fair, I bought 30 YARDS of it! (Of course, I then got pregnant, had a baby, and was out of town for the craft fair. Now I have lot of pretty canvas. ;-))