Monday, September 21, 2009

A productive weekend...

I knitted this weekend, I'm making a felted wool tote. It's my own design so it may not turn out like I hope it will. I'll let you know. I also worked on that Bucilla Christmas project - such a pain, but it will be cute when I get it done. The little seed beads keep coming lose - it's gotta be the felt, it has too much give.

And finally, I started on a wool throw. In a dark corner of my basement are piles of felted wool sweaters just waiting for a project. This is the first one, if turns out the way its supposed to then there will be more for Christmas presents. The idea came from here I bought her book "Warm Fuzzies" at Hobby Lobby about a week ago. Hobby Lobby made me mad because they changed their coupons and you can't use them on books or magazines anymore. I still bought the book - lol.

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maggiegracecreates said...

Becky - love the colors in the wool throw. I got scraps of polar fleece stashed somewhere for a similar project. HMMMM - wonder where.

Have a great day and thanks for playing along.