Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More sightings of Indiana Jones

I have been finding Indiana Jones is strange places sround my house, so I have started taking pictures every time I find him.

I finally got this throw done. It turned out quite nice. I'm thinking some for Christmas presents but only to those I know appreciate this kind of thing. Nothing is more annoying/frustraiting that to spend hours making something for someone only to have them toss it aside like yesterdays garbage. The backing to this throw is some heavy weight material I had on hand, I think it needs ot be tacked down to the front of the throw but I don't want to quilt it. Anyone got ideas on what would work? I went a little heavy on the leave applique, I tend to do that when I like something.


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maggiegracecreates said...

SInce I am a button fiend - I would consider sewing a button on through both layers at the center of the blocks or the corners.

this is really pretty - i'm one who will appreciate homemade things.