Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Trip Down Memory Lane

I was cleaning out the basement yesterday and came across two boxes that I had stored cards, letters and other mementos in. I was going to throw the contents away, but then I started looking through the cards and realized what great friends I have. So, I am keeping EVERYTHING in the boxes. I also found a bunch of concert stubs. From the amount of stubs I have, it is now wonder I have some hearing loss!
Here are some of the concerts I went to:

1) Jefferson Starship - 1981 - first concert I ever went to, I was still in High School.
2) Rick Springfield - 1982
3) Journey - 1983 & 198? - saw them twice
4) Billy Squier - 1983
5) Styx - 1983
6) The Who -
7) Van Halen - 1984
8) U-2 - 1985
9) Huey Lewis & the News - 1985
10) Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - 1987 - once of my favorite bands and I just don't
remember seeing them!
11) Yes!
12) Phil Collins - 1985
13) Bon Jovi - 1987
14) Huey Lewis & The News - 1987
15) Poison - 1991 - I took a guy I was dating for his birthday - I had such a crush on that guy!
16) Bruce Springstein

If you were ask me now who I want to see it would probably be Bob Seger, Bruce Springstein and Bon Jovi, the Eagles and Neil Diamond (I know, he is for the old ladies but I like him!)
There you go: a little insight into my younger days!

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