Friday, August 7, 2009

Market Bag...

This is my little effort to start going green. I bought the pattern off and I really like the bag. It was a very easy bag to make but the directions weren't exactly clear in some places and I had to tear it apart twice because some steps were left out. It's a good thing I have some experience in sewing - lol. The bag is fairly large and would be good for boxed items or bread but not heavy items like cans. I am going to see if I can downsize it a litte.

The pattern recommended that material from something like an old denim dress be used, but that just sounds a little too plain; so I dug out some old tablecloths that belonged to my grandmother and used one of them to make the bag. She was a thrifty person so I think she would appreciate how I recycled the tablecloth.

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