Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentines Cards and Happy Coffee

Gracie likes to have coffee with us in the mornings. She truely seems to like the flavor of it. Sunday morning she was drinking it and announced "Mmmmm Coffee! It makes Me Happy"! Of course, since I forgot to give her decaf she was bouncing off the walls for a while.

Grace and Nick had to make valentines for their class parties this week. Grace's were made out of paper doilies and paint and crayons. I will post those later. Nick asked a girl in his class to be his Valentine and she accepted! He wanted to make her a "Special" card. He used the Alligator from Animal Valentines by Stampin' Up and we attached a lollipop to the alligator's hand. He wrote Be My Valentine at the bottom. I think his Valentine will like it.

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