Monday, January 28, 2008

Old Things

Some old things that will be added to the Heritage album I am working on. The doll head was given to my Mom's sister Mary Kathleen, she died of cancer when she was 5. The original owner of the doll died of Diptheria. From what my mom says, the body of the doll had to be burned.

The glass slipper was given to me when I was a baby by a friend of my Grandmother's. The Green Girl was given to my Grandmother as a birthday present at some point in her life. The cow bell was used by my Grandparent's in their store on the door. The Elephant was also belonged to my Mom's sister. My mom and I kind of got into a little argument about the Elephant. I am pretty sure there were two of them but she insists there was only one. I'm sure I'm right! Right?

Believe it or not- my mother used this on her hair. They did not have electricity until they moved off the farm when my Grandparent's bought a store in a small town. And the reason for documenting these? My daughter is going to get them someday and I want her to know a little bit about their history.


Melissa Goodsell said...

That's a great idea to document these on your blog. You've got some really special treasures.

Shellie Shufelt said...

This is the first time visiting your blog. You had left a message on my blog so I had to come and check yours out. I love the pictures of all your old dh and I collect antiques.
Now about your question on where I purchased my egg cups. I bought them at an antique shop although I do not believe they are old. :)Shellie