Friday, August 10, 2007

Olive Doll

I have been looking around for a pattern of a soft doll to make for my daughter for Christmas. I saw one on Melissa Goodsell's blog and thought it would be perfect. So I bought the pattern from
Wee Wonderful's and down loaded the PDF file and got started today. This one is my trial doll and already I can see a few things that I did wrong. But overall it turned out pretty darn good for someone who has not really sewed in many years. I had a hard time with the bow, the instructions were not clear and I finally gave up and made my own way. She is supposed to have a collar and it was so small that I could not get it turned inside out once I sewed it up. So I gave up on the collar. Maybe I should give her a necklace instead. My daughter caught me making it and she was very interested in it. So I think she will like the one that she will end up getting for Christmas.


Mel Goodsell said...

Oh your Olive doll is beautiful!! I really love her :O)

mimihas5 said...

Your doll is adorable. She is not only pretty to look at but she is soft and cuddly and she has pink on. What little girl wouldn't love her.